I’m an explorer. A trekker. A (mis)adventurer. I write the way I climb a mountain: with a sense of wonder and humility. Every time I start a new play, I set out to discover something new about writing and about the world. With every piece of theatre I make, I venture into unknown terrain. I often don’t have a roadmap, and sometimes I don’t even have a car. What I have is a hunger to understand the human experience in a world that is rapidly shifting. I find myself constructing new dramaturgical vehicles for these journeys, and new ways of telling ancient stories. My theatre is fourth-wave feminism and beyond. My theatre sees gender on a spectrum, not as a binary. My theatre interrogates form and genre. My theatre imagines the world as it will be. I don’t take anything for granted, whether that’s how to tell a story or how to build a character. What unifies my work is muscular language, formal investigation, a sense of playfulness, and an unwavering belief in the power and possibility of transformation.