The Kilroys Are Still Here.

The Kilroys List dropped over the weekend and Second Skin and The Liar Paradox both received Honorable Mentions. (The Liar Paradox was also nominated in 2014.)

The Kilroys are a group of female playwrights and producers working to enact change and work towards gender parity in the American Theatre. For the second year in a row, they have asked tastemakers and leaders in the field to nominate the best scripts by female or trans* playwrights they’ve read in the past year. This year, plays receiving Honorable Mentions represent the top third of nominated titles. These scripts were nominated two or three times. And we, the playwrights, don’t get to know who is championing our work.

You can read both Second Skin and The Liar Paradox on the New Play Exchange, along with many other plays that received Honorable Mentions and that made the list (the top 7%!). The Kilroys encouraged nominated writers to post their scripts on the exchange, so everyone can read these fierce, female and trans* penned plays, and then do them!