Public Shaming in Paradise

Last summer, Westmont College commissioned me to write a brand new one act play, with the charge to write something formally inspired by Greek tragedy and socially charged in content. The result, Tar and Feather, opens March 4 at the Porter Theatre. I’m so proud of these fearless students and thrilled to share this work with everyone in the Westmont and Santa Barbara community. Director Christine Nathanson talks about her vision for the play here. #tarandfeather #ExpelErinEchoes #seetheplayandfindoutwhatthesehashtagsareallabout


When Erin takes a #gaschamberselfie, it goes viral–and so does she. Her job offer gets rescinded, she’s not allowed to go to class, and her family and friends abandon her. Everyone that is, except for Claudia, her best friend, who hatches a plan to confront Erin’s anonymous online trolls. TAR AND FEATHER examines public shaming in the digital age. How close are any of us to a fall from grace? And how does a well-intended person transform into a troll?