Though It May Shift


Welcome to your house.
It’s not your actual house.
It’s your memory of your house.
Which means it is a place that never existed.
That’s lost.
But that you have now, once more, for just a moment.
I’m going to give you a tour,
but remember that in memory, everything seems solid,
though it may shift.

Throughout the fall, I’ve had the opportunity to continue my collaboration with choreographer and performance maker Erin Tracy with her new piece THOUGH IT MAY SHIFT, which will be performed at the Potiker Theatre in La Jolla, February  5-7. For more information and tickets, click here.

Erin writes:

Though It May Shift is a dance and theatre work constructed of interwoven solos, simultaneous actions, and chance meetings. The piece is built collaboratively with a team of playwrights, musicians, and performers as it explores the coinciding intimacy and duality of solo structures in performance. The work makes space for the prismatic quality of identity while embracing its inconsistencies, aberrations, and incongruities. Though It May Shift investigates the intrinsic tension between the contrasting forces in language and movement, linear and nonlinear, simultaneous and singular.