A compendium of articles from around the web. Click on the article title to read.

Playwriting Articles and Essays
Occam’s razor: A playwright’s guide to simplifying (Playwrights’ Center)
Writing without a script: a step-by-step guide to devising (PWC)
Struck by Lightning: How to cultivate a practice of generating play ideas (PWC)
Skydiving onstage: transcending the fear (TCG Circle: Crossing Art {Art|People}
A Willow Grows Aslant (La Jolla Playhouse blog about this ambulatory play about Ophelia)

Dramaturgical Articles and Essays
What a Girl Wants: Female Adolescent Stories Step into the Spotlight (Goodman Theatre)
Women’s Professional Soccer: Competition Meets Camaraderie in an Undervalued Community (Goodman Theatre)

Interviews and Features
10 Question in Dramatists Magazine
Kristin Idaszak on Prohibition, Privilege, Forensic Toxicology, and THE SUREST POISON (Ensemble Studio Theatre)
Playwrights’ Center Mini-Interview
Another Jungle Interview with The Syndicate
I Interview Playwrights Part 827: Kristin Idaszak (interview by Adam Szymkowicz)
Showcasing UCSD’s Theatre Aces (profile in San Diego Union Tribune)
Kristin Interviews Playwrights’ Center Founder Barbara Fields
A Conversation with Kristin Idaszak (Center for Performing Arts, Minneapolis)