Tar and Feather at WTF

Tar and Feather will be making a brief appearance at Williamstown Theatre Festival this summer, directed by Bill Foeller Fellow Estefanía Fadul. As part of the Directing Studio, Tar and Feather will perform at 7pm and 11pm on July 5, performed by members of the WTF non-equity company and acting apprentices.



Secret Agent Sunshine at Pillsbury House

It’s been my great pleasure to participate in the Chicago Avenue Project (CAP) at the Pillsbury House + Theatre this year. In the fall, I mentored a youth playwright who authored a play called STAR THE NARWHAL AND RAINBOW THE UNICORN. This spring I wrote a play called SECRET AGENT SUNSHINE for that same brilliant young artist to perform in. Both plays are set in Unicorn Land, and this second installment features espionage, an audit from the IRS (the Interesting Recipe Service), and a suspicious dragon.

Minnesotans, the piece will perform along with the rest of the CAP plays May 14 and 15. Join us at Pillsbury House + Theatre for a lot of glitter and some majestic unicorn galloping. Find all the info here!


Strange Heart Beating Jadesmash reading

…say that ten times fast!

My new play STRANGE HEART BEATING, inspired by my time in Minnesota, will have its first public presentation on Wednesday, May 10 at Links Hall as part of The Jades‘ spring reading series. This follows a workshop at the Playwrights’ Center in March. I’m very excited to share this play with an audience! More details about the reading can be found here.


The Future Is Female: MPLS


The Minneapolis outpost of The Future is Female Festival will feature my play THE BEARDED LADY DREAMS OF FLYING (also a finalist for this year’s Actors Theatre of Louisville Heideman Award).

THE BEARDED LADY DREAMS OF FLYING takes place at the turn of a century, when an unlikely circus couple falls in love and a lion steps in to save the day. The play imagines a world beyond binary gender identities, and where those of us who don’t fit in can fly, not only in our dreams but in our waking lives.

TFIF Festival is taking place nationwide throughout the month of March. TFIF: MPLS will take place at the Playwrights’ Center on Monday, March 27 @ 7pm.

Though It May Shift


Welcome to your house.
It’s not your actual house.
It’s your memory of your house.
Which means it is a place that never existed.
That’s lost.
But that you have now, once more, for just a moment.
I’m going to give you a tour,
but remember that in memory, everything seems solid,
though it may shift.

Throughout the fall, I’ve had the opportunity to continue my collaboration with choreographer and performance maker Erin Tracy with her new piece THOUGH IT MAY SHIFT, which will be performed at the Potiker Theatre in La Jolla, February  5-7. For more information and tickets, click here.

Erin writes:

Though It May Shift is a dance and theatre work constructed of interwoven solos, simultaneous actions, and chance meetings. The piece is built collaboratively with a team of playwrights, musicians, and performers as it explores the coinciding intimacy and duality of solo structures in performance. The work makes space for the prismatic quality of identity while embracing its inconsistencies, aberrations, and incongruities. Though It May Shift investigates the intrinsic tension between the contrasting forces in language and movement, linear and nonlinear, simultaneous and singular.



Second Skin named Best of 2016

LA Weekly included Second Skin in a Best of 2016 roundup highlighting site-specific and immersive performances around the Los Angeles area.

Second Skin was performed at beaches along the coast of Southern California. As LA Weekly recollects:

Kate Jopson’s atmospheric, site-specific staging of playwright Kristin Idaszak’s eerie riff on a Celtic sea legend came as a haunting reminder that unleashing immersive theater’s most elemental magic can be found in something as simple as a firepit at night and a windswept beach.


Photo by Jim Carmody

The Surest Poison receives Sloan Commission

EST recently announced the recipients of the 2016/2017 Alfred P. Sloan Commissions, including my new play The Surest Poison, about the advent of forensic toxicology. CSI before CSI, the play explores the chemistry of poison, the breakdown of traditional gender roles in the 1920s, and the ways in which Prohibition was used to legislate morality and target immigrants, people of color, non-Protestants, and the working poor.

The EST/Sloan Project is “an initiative designed to stimulate artists to create credible and compelling work exploring the worlds of science and technology and to challenge the existing stereotypes of scientists and engineers in the popular imagination.”

For more information about The Surest Poison and the other 16/17 recipients, click here.